Microfluidic Circulation System (Liquid)

Other brands of liquid sample tables commonly used in the market, due to the restriction of their own liquid pool chip design scheme, can only push the large flow of liquid through the sample table and the peripheral area of the chip through the huge pressure generated by the liquid pump, which has the security risk of a large amount of liquid leakage. The liquid enters the nanopore channel in the middle of the chip mainly by diffusion effect, and there is no real flow rate control in the chip observation window. Different from this, our company uses microfluidic technology, through the piezoelectric microcontrol system for fluid differential control, to achieve micro upgrade of micro fluid transport, each liquid push process, the liquid microfluidic circulation system and sample table in the amount of redundant liquid only slightly up, effectively ensure the safety of electron microscopy. Compared with O-ring sealing, the polymer membrane surface contact sealing technology increases the sealing contact area and effectively reduces the leakage risk. On the touch screen control panel, there are two optional modes: set flow rate and set flow rate, which can quickly and easily change the liquid flow rate, control the liquid layer thickness and other experimental conditions. From confirmation of the change condition to stabilization, the time can be controlled within 10 seconds. Static closed working mode can also be selected on the touch screen control panel. The material of the fluid pipe is PTFE or PEEK non-metallic pipe, which is inert to most fluids to avoid contamination of the fluid sample and ensure that no other foreign matter is introduced into the experimental environment.