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SEM Vacuum Transfer Chamber

Product Features

SEM Vacuum Transfer Chamber(SEM vacuum transfer Chamber) can transfer lithium electric materials, biological materials and other samples from the glove box to the scanning electron microscope sample chamber, with the advantages of small size, simple structure, vacuum seal, etc., to solve the vacuum transfer problem of air sensitive samples from sample preparation to characterization.

  • Product composition
  • Unique Advantages
  • Functional Parameters
  • Application
  • a.SEM Vacuum Transfer Chamber
    b. Control Software
    c.Sample carrier
    d.Eletron Microscope Flange 



    Customized service ·The transfer chamber is small in size and the sample pedestal size can be customized, which is suitable for most scanning electron microscopy.
    Humanized design ·Touch screen control, clear and simple interface, easy to operate.
    High quality parts ·The cabin body is made of titanium alloy with high strength, corrosion resistance and high sealing to ensure sample safety.



     Category Index Numerical value
    Basic parameters Hull dimensions(L*W*H) 60*50*40 mm
    Number of sample pedestals 2(Multiple optional)
    Sample pedestal height 8mm或6mm
    Sample platform diameter 15mm(Can be customized)


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