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High Vacuum Storage Instrument for Sample Holders

Product Features

The ultimate vacuum of the CHIPNOVA High vacuum holder is 10-6 hPa, which can provide a high vacuum storage environment for up to 6 TEM sample rods at the same time, avoid exposure to impurities such as moisture and nanofibers in the air, reduce the vacuum time of the sample rod after entering the electron microscope, extend the service life of the sample rod, and greatly improve the efficiency of the laboratory.

  • Product composition
  • Unique Advantages
  • Functional Parameters
  • Application
    Modular design · Suitable for different brands of TEM sample rods, access to each rod can be controlled individually.
    Humanized design ·Touch screen control, clear and simple interface, easy operation.
    Intelligent design ·The program automatically controls the start and stop of the molecular pump, which can realize automatic vacuum degree detection, intelligent maintenance and automatic gas leakage alarm.
    High quality parts ·Built-in imported molecular pump and vacuum control valve, long-term stable and reliable use.



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