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light Source Station

Product Features

High uniformity integrated laser light source can integrate different wavelengths of laser, can solve the research needs of photocatalysis and other fine development direction, can meet the higher performance requirements in energy, spectrum, irradiation stability, etc., widely used in the photolytic water hydrogen production, photodegradation of pollutants, all kinds of simulated visible light acceleration experiments, all kinds of simulated solar ultraviolet band acceleration experiments and other research fields. Because the energy is stable and uniform, it can also be applied to photoelectrochemistry, optical power measurement, quantum efficiency measurement and other scenarios.

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  • List of standard parts light Source Station 1
    Optical fiber 1根
    Connection control line 1




    Excellent optical performance ·1.Adopt integrated laser light source,integrated UV-Vision-Infrared different bands and output specific wavelength laser。The output optical signal has high power (the maximum strength is not less than 150mW/cm),the light intensity can be adjusted rapidly and continuously,and the response time can reach millisecond level.
    ·2.Adopt special structure design, optical loss is very low,energy is stable and uniform.
    Intelligent software ·Man-machine separation remote operation, software programmed control;




  • Category Index Numerical value
    Basic parameters Laser wavelength and maximum intensity in ultraviolet region 375nm, not less than 150 mW/cm² (loss of about 30% with synthesizer).
    Visible light wavelength and maximum intensity 410 nm or 532nm, not less than 700 mW/cm² (loss of about 30% with synthesizer).
    illuminant Other wavelengths of laser light sources can be expanded.



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