Smart Campus

One of the most important symptom indicators of the new coronavirus is the rise in body temperature, temperature measurement has become an important part of epidemic prevention work, for schools, how to comprehensively carry out efficient temperature measurement work, to ensure the safety of teachers and students and campus public health is an urgent problem to be solved.

The school is densely populated, one person has a fever, the whole class is panicked, and once diagnosed, the whole school may have to be isolated.

At present, the difficulties of traditional temperature measurement are:

The fever does not know when it occurs at school, and the traditional temperature measurement cannot guarantee the timely detection of abnormalities.

In the face of hundreds or thousands of students, manual temperature measurement is a large workload, time-consuming, laborious and inefficient, and data analysis is impossible.

Close-up temperature measurement will also increase the chance of cross-infection.

With the arrival of the flu season in autumn and winter, the fever may increase compared with summer, superimposed on the new crown epidemic, and traditional temperature measurement methods are easy to interfere with normal teaching.


Xiamen Chaoxinxin Technology Co., Ltd., gathering high-end scientific research forces at home and abroad, has developed the first passive real-time body temperature monitoring system, using wireless sensor chips to collect body temperature and other related data, no need to charge, real-time uninterrupted transmission to the management platform, in case of abnormal body temperature and other special circumstances, can immediately issue an alarm to relevant personnel.


► Advantage comparison

• Passive environmental protection: no need to charge, low frequency signal, more environmentally friendly than mobile phones.

•Scientific security: normalized, digital health records, targeted data push, shared by both parents and schools, no risk of information leakage, safe and convenient.

•High quality and low price: one system monitors all personnel at the same time, reducing workload, saving time and labor costs.

• Real-time tracking: wear and measure, abnormal immediate alarm, shorten reaction time, reduce the risk of infection.

• Health and safety: non-contact detection to reduce the risk of infection.

•Diverse functions: network monitoring within a certain range, can integrate access control and door temperature check, attendance, trajectory tracking, anti-wandering and many other functions.


► System metrics

• Alarm mechanism: body temperature exceeds 37.3 degrees or data loss exceeds 1 minute, the system automatically alarms.

• Temperature measurement accuracy: ±0.1 degrees, mercury temperature measurement accuracy level.

• Environmental protection level: no need to charge, low frequency signal, more environmentally friendly and safe than mobile phones.

•Protection class: Waterproof up to IPX7.

• System speed: After the system is connected, all the data is summarized within 5 minutes.

•Function expansion: The system is expandable, parents and others can use mobile APP to understand the situation of children's entry and exit from campus, historical health. For example, during a student's entry into the kindergarten (school), parents can monitor whether they are in the kindergarten (school) in real time, and automatically alarm when they leave the kindergarten (school).