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CHIPNOVA dairy intelligent management system is the latest generation of dairy management tool successfully developed by Chaoxinxin and the School of Veterinary Medicine of Southwest University for two years, which can provide you with real-time health data of any cow in the herd, help you make more informed choices in pasture management, effectively save manpower, time and improve efficiency.


►What can the CHIPNOVA intelligent management system for dairy cows do?

Electronic identification function: can be applied to automated systems such as milking, feeding, grouping and routing development.

Motor behavior monitoring: including standing, lying down, walking, running, resting behavior, detecting early health problems, and following up on the progress of follow-up rehabilitation.

High-precision estrus monitoring: analyze the estrus behavior of dairy cows, including pre-estrus, estrus and post-estrus, and provide the best breeding timing suggestions and breeding opinions for the pasture.

Monitoring of feeding behavior: including chewing, regurgitation, swallowing, rumination chewing, and rumination swallowing, actively detecting early health problems and following up on the progress of follow-up rehabilitation.


►Why choose a CHIPNOVA cowneck ring?

Stable signal, wireless identification distance up to 1 km;

Built-in high-precision gyroscope 7*24 hours uninterrupted statistics, remote real-time wireless communication, can save cow activity data on demand;

Low power consumption and high-precision sensing design, 24 hours no data transmission will enter the sleep mode, automatically activated after receiving data 3 minutes, built-in large-capacity lithium battery, can be used continuously for more than 7 years;

Full body anti-corrosion material, advanced waterproof design, reduce manure adhesion, can withstand the most severe pasture environment test;

Cow engineering design, conforms to the curved neck, easy and comfortable to wear;

Both computer and mobile phone can be used, system data interoperability, compatible with Apple and Android, can support docking with other systems of the cattle farm, convenient and efficient management;

Can identify abnormal cow behavior, such as claudication, etc., timely and rapid treatment, reduce the cost of attrition;

Can be used with CHIPNOVA thermometer ear tags to get more accurate reminders of cow health and estrus data;

According to different management methods and different dairy cow breeds, the system parameters can be personalized to improve the management level of the cattle farm;

The system can be upgraded and iterated online, and the localized technical team provides a full range of timely response services;

Carry out industry-university-research cooperation with Southwest University College of Veterinary Medicine and other universities to better understand China's national conditions.


► Your good steward: CHIPNOVA intelligent cow management system

• Learn about cows

CHIPNOVA cow intelligent sensor can identify the movement of each cow, 7*24 hours to track its feeding, rumination, standing, lying down, walking, running, rest and other behaviors. The estrus, health and nutrition of each cow can be accurately recorded.

• Manage herds

The CHIPNOVA intelligent management system for dairy cattle automatically converts the information recorded by each high-precision sensor into real-time alerts and data. This information can be viewed simultaneously on computers and mobile phones, and the system also supports interfacing with other automation equipment and management systems on the farm.

• Improve efficiency

The CHIPNOVA intelligent cow management system provides information on the behavior of different herds, which can be used to evaluate the impact of different feed, farm conditions and milking processes on the herd, from which to make the right decisions and continuously improve the profitability of the business.



Multi-screen sharing, data interoperability, personalized management, and localized support.