The Financial Industry

At present, there are a series of potential safety risks in the financial custody industry, such as the loss of firearms and the abnormal use of firearms. The satellite positioning system was previously monopolized by the US GPS, and now China has its own global positioning system, Beidou. On this basis, Supercore Technology has developed a unique positioning system, making full use of the advantages of Beidou to bring targeted solutions to customers in the financial betting industry.


► Application principle

G locator is an intelligent device that uses positioning chips and combines with modern electronic technology and network technology to carry out real-time positioning, remote monitoring and all-round tracking of human and animal property, which is simple to operate, easy to carry and widely used. The locator industry has long adopted the GSM network communication standard, which is what we often call the 2G network, and now 2G decommissioning has become a trend, and operators have begun to promote 4G Cat.1 and NB Internet of Things modules. Compared with traditional 2G locators, 4G locators have the following advantages:

► 4G locator

Positioning speed: 4G high-speed transmission, solving the problem of positioning delay;

Positioning error: small error, Beidou III + GPS, sufficient number of satellites that can send and receive signals;

Security: Alarm information push is timely and effective;

Coverage: Wide coverage, global coverage, reduce signal dead zones.


Cat full LTE UE-Category, Cat.X value is used to measure the wireless performance of user terminal equipment, mainly used to divide the terminal rate, of which Cat1 has the lowest peak travel rate, but has a significant advantage:

Network construction: Cat1 can be seamlessly connected to the existing LTE network without the need for software and hardware upgrades for base stations, and the network coverage cost is low;

Chip cost: After system optimization, the hardware architecture of the module is simpler, the integration is higher, and the peripheral hardware cost is lower;

Modules: Cat1 module production technology continues to improve, and the cost continues to decrease;

Application: Cat1 has high compatibility and low requirements for power consumption and data transmission stability, which is suitable for more occasions in daily life.

► Beidou system

The Beidou satellite navigation system is composed of three parts: space segment, ground segment and user segment, which can provide high-precision and highly reliable positioning, navigation and timing services for all kinds of users around the world around the clock and all day.

Function description

Positioning function: GPS + Beidou - dual system positioning;

History view: can save the device running track within 90 days;

Alarm function: virtual electronic fence, beyond the set area range can automatically alarm.

►Product features

Accurate positioning: using the cat1 solution, support base station + Beidou + 4G positioning, applicable to multiple scenarios, easy to operate and can switch three modes according to customer needs: GPS + Beidou, Beidou, GPS. Among them, the dual system mode makes up for the lack of GPS in stability, and improves the positioning accuracy, speed and coverage;

RFID function: can quickly identify relevant information such as gun number, which is convenient for maintenance and management;

Photosensitive alarm function: prevent violent disassembly;

Power-saving function: standby for more than 3 days in motion, standby in low-power mode for more than 10 days after resting, standby mode for more than 3 months in sleep mode, remote configuration of positioning frequency to extend standby time with main and backup power switching function, increase product endurance stability, solve hidden dangers caused by power failure;

Small size: can be adapted to various gun types according to needs, minimizing the impact on users due to gun counterweight and shape changes;

Waterproof and drop resistant: the shell has good waterproofness, good toughness and strength, durability and drop resistance.