"Creating value for customers, creating a platform for employees, creating returns for shareholders and creating wealth for society" is the common value of the company.


In order to realize this common value, the company has set up a perfect governance structure with clear authority and responsibility of each governance body, as well as separation of powers and checks and balances. The company insists on customer-centered and employee-oriented, and continuously optimizes the corporate governance structure, organization, process and assessment mechanism to maintain effective long-term growth.


The shareholders' meeting is the power body of the company, making decisions on major matters such as capital increase, profit distribution and election of directors/supervisors. 


The Board of Directors is the highest responsible body for the company's strategy, management and customer satisfaction, and undertakes the mission of leading the company forward, exercising the right to make decisions on the company's strategy and management, and ensuring that the interests of customers and shareholders are safeguarded.


The Supervisory Board is the highest supervisory body of the company, exercising supervisory power on behalf of shareholders, and its basic authority includes leadership management, business review and strategic foresight.

Since the company's inception, Ultra Sun Core has employed Yung Cheng as its independent auditor. The auditor is responsible for auditing the annual financial statements, assessing the truth and fairness of the financial statements in accordance with accounting standards and auditing procedures, and expressing an audit opinion on the financial statements.


The In-situ Microscopy Division is an organization of the Company that provides world-leading in-situ electron microscopy products and solutions for customers in universities and other research industries. It is responsible for product development, design, manufacturing and is committed to providing customers with complete in-situ observation and analysis solutions.


The Intelligent IOT Division is an organization that provides intelligent products and solutions for personal and industrial customers around 2 major scenarios: smart agriculture and sports and health. It is responsible for product planning, development and delivery and building competitiveness, and is committed to creating innovative and differentiated, world-leading products and solutions to help individuals, families and organizations achieve efficiency improvement and smart experiences.