In order to enhance communication among employees, improve team cohesion and strengthen cultural construction, we organized a team building activity on May 29.

It was a misty Saturday morning, and although there was no hot sun, the enthusiasm was high. Before nine o 'clock, everyone began arriving at the event site, eager to begin the fun of the day. After the short preparation activities, the first began to be fun activities. Everyone raced against time when guessing words, laughed and laughed in the gas volleyball match, and had a keen eye in the indoor treasure hunt.



Following the kitchen King competition, contrary to the image of science students in the impression, everyone showed their skills to compete in cooking, delicious food made us enjoy.



After a brief afternoon break, we went to the underground KTV room, where we celebrated a memorable birthday for several birthday stars.



As night fell, everyone gathered around the grill, eating and talking.



Time flies. With the downpour, the first league building in 2021 came to an end. Although the weather is not favorable, we are more motivated and believe that CHIPNOVA will be a better face to meet the challenges of tomorrow!