From April 19th to April 22nd, 2021, the four-day 32nd Annual Conference of the Chinese Chemical Society was successfully concluded in Zhuhai International Convention and Exhibition Center, Guangdong Province. With the theme of "Enabling Chemistry for the Future", the annual conference has 57 academic chapters and 8 special forums. More than 10,000 chemical scientists and students, including more than 70 academicians and academicians of both houses of Congress, participated in the conference and exchanged views. At this conference, Prof. Liao Honggang from Xiamen University, founder of Chaoxincore Technology Co., LTD., Minjiang Scholar and pioneer in the field of in situ electron microscopy in China, shared with the experts and teachers the achievements in scientific research using in situ electron microscopy technology with the theme of "High resolution Imaging and Analysis of soft matter and interface in situ Electron microscopy".



At the large-scale exhibition of new technologies, new products and new instruments, CHIPNOVA displayed its self-developed high-precision electrochemical runner rod, static electrochemical rod and self-manufactured functional chip, which attracted many researchers. At the same time, the in situ electron microscopy application video displayed by the player aroused the strong interest of many students and teachers attending the conference. The continuous inquiries and exchanges demonstrated the strong attraction of in situ electron microscopy technology in the aspect of chemical characterization.



"CHIPNOVA is the world's leading in situ liquid solutions provider with a design philosophy of" advanced, reliable, fast, and economical "that integrates high resolution and security, enabling users to fully experience the powerful advantages of CHIPNOVA equipment in situ analysis capabilities." Crack the scientific mystery, in situ return you the truth ", in the current emphasis on scientific and technological innovation in situ electron microscopy technology and solutions will surely embrace a broader prospect CHIPNOVA will adhere to the "continuous innovation service scientific research" business philosophy, constantly develop and improve new products to provide customers with more comprehensive solutions in situ electron microscopy.