Sunshine Procurement

1. To eliminate affiliated transactions, suppliers should take the initiative to declare to CHIPNOVA whether they are affiliated suppliers of CHIPNOVA as required by CHIPNOVA. A CHIPNOVA supplier is considered an affiliated supplier if

(a) A current CHIPNOVA employee is a direct investor of the supplier.
(b) A current CHIPNOVA employee who holds a part-time position at the supplier.
(c) A principal relative of a current CHIPNOVA employee who is a direct investor in the supplier.
(d) A major relative of a CHIPNOVA employee who works or holds a position at the supplier.
(e) Former CHIPNOVA employees who have left CHIPNOVA to become direct investors in the supplier and to work or work for the supplier. (Main relatives: Spouse and children, parents, siblings of both spouses, and spouses of the above persons.)


2. Prohibition of subcontracting

      Suppliers are not allowed to subcontract their contracted work to their downstream suppliers or directly subcontract/subcontract CHIPNOVA orders without CHIPNOVA's permission. If a supplier carries out the above acts privately or has the above acts and conceals them, and is found out by CHIPNOVA, penalties will be imposed depending on the situation, including but not limited to rectification by deadline, re-bidding, termination of cooperation, cancellation of supplier qualification, etc.


3. Any form of bribery is strictly prohibited

       No bribery or disguised bribery of CHIPNOVA employees by any means, including but not limited to.
       (a) Giving CHIPNOVA employees "gifts, securities and payment certificates" and "communication equipment, transportation, non-low-value cultural goods and other valuables" in any form.
       (b) Organizing CHIPNOVA employees to participate in the following activities, including but not limited to travel, high-spending entertainment, meetings in tourist scenic spots, etc.
       (c) Arranging jobs for relatives, friends, etc. of CHIPNOVA employees, facilitating as well as paying for them various expenses that should be personally paid by the Buyer's personnel.
       (d) using agents to commit bribery or disguised bribery of CHIPNOVA employees.


4. Elimination of commercial fraud

  Suppliers shall not provide CHIPNOVA with materials that they know do not conform to the technical specifications of the materials without informing CHIPNOVA in advance. suppliers shall not promote materials to CHIPNOVA that do not conform to the industry development trend or do not conform to the development roadmap of the supplier without informing CHIPNOVA in advance. The documents, information, data, statements and oral statements provided by the supplier to CHIPNOVA shall be guaranteed to be true and accurate.

Complaints and Feedback

       If you find any of the following problems in CHIPNOVA's procurement business, including but not limited to bribery, bribe solicitation, kickbacks, commissions, affiliation, fraud, forgery, embezzlement, using company resources and channels for personal gain, and if you have been unfairly and unjustly involved in CHIPNOVA's business, such as being ostracized or misled, please provide timely feedback via the following email or phone To the Audit Department.




       Tel: +86-13696997869


       The Audit Department is an independent third party department established by CHIPNOVA to receive and promptly handle reports and complaints from CHIPNOVA suppliers.


      All information reported by CHIPNOVA will be kept strictly confidential.