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Volcano Series In-Situ Holders (Heating&Biasing&High Tilt)

Product Features

The Volcano Series In Situ Holders (Heating&Biasing&High Tilt) use MEMS chips to apply thermal and electric field control to the samples, and construct a thermoelectric composite multi field automatic control and feedback measurement system in a high angle sample stage. Combined with various modes such as EDS, EELS, SAED, HRTEM, STEM, etc., it achieves real-time and dynamic monitoring of key information such as microstructure, phase transition, element valence state, microstress, and atomic level structure and composition evolution of the samples under vacuum environment with temperature and electric field changes at the nano or even atomic level.

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    a.Volcano Series In-Situ Holders (Heating&Biasing&High Tilt)
    b.MEMSHeating & Biasing Chip
    c.Heating Control Software
    d.Thermal Controller
    e.Double Tilt Controller
    f.Accessory Package
    More key information · Tilt Angle ≥±75°, more 2D imaging information can be obtained through a range of different tilt angles.
    Excellent electrical properties ·1. The chip electrode with unique design is adopted for analog verification. The electric field distribution is uniform and the potential is stable. The protective coating on the chip surface ensures low noise and accuracy of electrical measurement, and the current measurement accuracy can reach pA level.
    ·2.MEMS micro-machining special design, electrical test and characterization can be carried out at the same time in the heating process, without affecting temperature stability.
    Excellent thermal properties ·1. High precision infrared temperature measurement and calibration, micron level high resolution thermal field measurement and calibration, to ensure the accuracy of temperature.
    ·2. High stability precious metal heating wire (non-ceramic material) is used, which is both a thermal conductive material and a thermal sensitive material, its resistance has a good linear relationship with temperature, the heating area covers the entire observation area, the heating and cooling speed is fast, the thermal field is stable and uniform, and the temperature fluctuation is ≤±0.01℃ in a stable state.
    ·3. High frequency dynamic control of closed loop and feedback of ambient temperature control mode, high frequency feedback control to eliminate errors, temperature control accuracy of ±0.01℃.
    ·4. Unique multi-stage composite heating MEMS chip design, control heat diffusion during heating process, greatly inhibit heat drift during heating process, and ensure efficient observation of the experiment.
    ·5. The heating wire is coated with silicon nitride, which does not react with the sample to ensure the accuracy of the experiment.
    Efficient intelligent software ·1. Man-machine separation, software remote control of experimental conditions, program automatic control of tilt Angle.
    ·2. Customize the program temperature curve. It can define more than 10 steps of heating procedures, constant temperature time, etc., and can manually control the target temperature and time. In the process of programmed heating, it is found that the temperature change and constant temperature are needed, and the experimental scheme can be adjusted immediately to improve the experimental efficiency.
    ·3. Built-in absolute temperature scale calibration program, each temperature control of each chip can be based on the change of resistance value, re-curve fitting and correction, to ensure the accuracy of measurement temperature, ensure the reproducibility and reliability of high temperature experiment.
    ·4. The whole process is equipped with precision automation equipment to assist manual operation and improve experiments


  • Category Index Numerical valu
    Basic parameters Shaft material High strength titanium alloy
    Silicon Nitride Film thickness No film or 20nm
    Applicable TEM brand Thermo Fisher/FEI, JEOL, Hitachi
    Applicable pole piece types ST, XT, T, BioT, HRP, HTP, CRP
    Tilt max α ≥ ±75° (actual range depends on pole shoe model)
    (HR)TEM/STEM Available
    (HR)EDS/EELS/SAED Support heating process and high temperature detection





  • Ag2Te基热电材料随电压变化情况


    Ag2Te 基热电材料由于能够通过内部载流子的运动实现电能和热能之间的相互转换;因此,在进 行施加电压实验过程中会出现随着电压的增大,样品自身温度升高的现象;研究得知随着电压持 续升高,样品表面结构变化明显,纹路由不规则块状演变成条状或消失。而且,通过降低电压的 过程,我们发现该材料升高或降低电压时,表面结构发生变化的过程是可逆的,表明该材料具有 优异的热电性能和重复使用性能。


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