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Volcano Series In-Situ Holders (Heating&Biasing&Double Tilt)

Product Features

Volcano Series In-Situ Holders (Heating&Biasing&Double Tilt) constructs a thermal and electrical composite multi field automatic control and feedback measurement system using MEMS chips in an in-situ sample stage, combined with various modes such as EDS, EELS, SAED, HRTEM, STEM, etc.,key information such as microstructure, phase transition, element valence state, microstress, and atomic level structure and composition evolution at the surface/interface of the sample can be monitored in real-time and dynamically at the nano or even atomic level under vacuum environment.

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    a.Volcano Series In-Situ Holders (Heating&Biasing&Double Tilt)
    b.MEMS Heating & Biasing Chip
    c.Heating & Voltage Control Software
    d.Thermal & Voltage Controller
    e.Double Tilt Controller
    f.Accessory Package







    Excellent electrical properties ·1.The chip electrode adopts a unique design for simulation verification, with uniform electric field distribution and stable potential. The protective coating on the chip surface ensures low noise and accuracy in electrical measurement, and the current measurement accuracy can reach pA level.
    ·2.MEMS microfabrication has a special design that allows for simultaneous electrical testing and characterization during the heating process, without affecting temperature stability.
    Excellent thermal properties ·1.High precision infrared temperature measurement calibration, micrometer level high-resolution thermal field measurement and calibration, ensuring temperature accuracy.
    ·2.Adopting highly stable precious metal heating wires (non ceramic materials), which are both thermal conductive and thermosensitive materials, their resistance has a good linear relationship with temperature. The heating zone covers the entire observation area, with fast heating and cooling speed, stable and uniform thermal field, and temperature fluctuations ≤ ± 0.01 ℃ under stable conditions.
    ·3.The temperature control system adopts high frequency dynamic control of closed loop and feedback of ambient temperature.The high frequency feedback control eliminates the error, and the temperature control accuracy is ±0.01℃.
    ·4.Unique multi-stage composite heating MEMS chip design.controls heating process thermal expansion.It greatly inhibits the thermal drift during the heating process and ensures the efficient observation of the experiment.
    ·5.The heating wire is coated with silicon nitride and does not react with the sample to ensure  accuracy.
    Intelligent software and automation equipment

    ·1.Man-machine separation, software remote control experimental conditions, program automatic control of tilt Angle.

    ·2.Custom program temperature curve. It can define more than 10 steps of heating procedures, constant temperature time, etc., and can manually control the target temperature and time. In the process of programmed heating, it is found that the temperature change and constant temperature are needed, and the experimental scheme can be adjusted immediately to improve the experimental efficiency.
    ·3.Built-in absolute temperature scale calibration program, each temperature control of each chip can be based on the change of resistance value, re-curve fitting and correction, to ensure the accuracy of measurement temperature, to ensure the reproducibility and reliability of high temperature experiment.
    ·4.The whole process is equipped with precision automation equipment to assist manual operation and improve experimental efficiency.




  • Category   Index Numerical value
    Basic parameters Shaft material High strength titanium alloy
    Silicon Nitride Film thickness No film or 20nm
    Drift rate < 0.5 nm/min (steady state)
    α、β-Tilt max α ≥ ±25°, β ≥ ±25° (actual range depends on pole shoe model)
    Applicable TEM brand Thermo Fisher/FEI, JEOL, Hitachi
    Applicable pole piece types ST, XT, T, BioT, HRP, HTP, CRP
    (HR)TEM/STEM Available
    (HR)EDS/EELS/SAED Available


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