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Volcano Series In-Situ Holders(Ultra Heating&Single Tilt)

Product Features

The tungsten wire is used to make the heating module, which has the advantages of 1500 ° C ultra-high temperature, easy replacement of the heating module, and low sample preparation cost.

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    a.Volcano Series In-Situ Holders(Ultra Heating&Single Tilt)
    b.Thermal Controller
    c.Accessory Package
    High temperature performance is good ·1. Able to heat the sample rapidly (>1000°C/ min);
    ·2. Thermal controller with intelligent, standard PID, manual and other control modes to achieve accurate control.
    Good safety performance ·1. There is no obvious thermal effect on the objective lens and sample chamber, allowing conventional imaging or EBSD analysis;
    ·2. No need to configure water cooling module to safely achieve ultra-high sample temperature of 1500°C.


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    Basic parameters Shaft material High strength titanium alloy
    Drift rate < 0.1nm/s (steady state)
    Applicable TEM brand Thermo Fisher/FEI, JEOL, Hitachi
    Applicable pole piece types ST, XT, T, BioT, HRP, HTP, CRP
    (HR)TEM/STEM Available
    (HR)EDS/EELS/SAED Available


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