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Thermal Controller

Product Features

The temperature controller customized for the electron microscope customer is adapted to the in-situ micro-zone heating chip of our company, and the micro-zone of the in-situ heating chip is heated and controlled by electric heating. The heating chip and the high-frequency feedback temperature controller are transmitted through the electrical connection unit for high-frequency temperature signals. The high precision and high frequency output, reception, feedback and adjustment of temperature signal are realized through the high precision temperature control program, so as to carry out the process of program heating and cooling.

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    Basic parameters Size L*W*H=425*255*106 (unit: mm), subject to the actual.
    Applicable TEM brand Thermo Fisher、FEI、JEOL、Hitachi
    Data feedback speed Sampling rate up to 1Msps.
    Current range 100pA-100 mA,pA level accuracy.



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