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Porous Silicon Nitride Grid

Product Features

Porous silicon nitride TEM carrier mesh is based on high-purity monocrystalline silicon and ultra-thin silicon nitride (10-50nm) as the supporting film. It adopts ultra-high temperature coating technology and has the characteristics of low stress corrosion resistance and radiation resistance. It can achieve atomic resolution, especially suitable for atomic resolution characterization under spherical aberration electron microscopy, and is very convenient for transfer analysis between different analytical instruments. Such as TEM, AFM, XRD, EXAFS, Raman, etc.

  • Product composition
  • Unique Advantages
  • Functional Parameters
  • Application
    ·1. Corrosion resistance and electron beam irradiation resistance.
    ·2. High electron beam penetration.
    ·3. Uniform imaging background, low noise.
    ·4. No carbon, avoid carbon accumulation.




    Category Index Numerical value
    Basic parameters Hole size 5x50um
    Number of holes 30-45
    Chip size 2.8x2.8mm


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