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In-situ Nanofluidic Control System (Liquid)

Product Features

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  • Unique Advantages
  • Functional Parameters
  • Application
  • a.In-situ Nanofluidic Control System (Liquid)
    b.Remote touch screen controller
    c.Coil wall
    d.Universal telescopic arm
    e.Mobile cabinet
    Mobile cabinet safety microcirculation line The total amount of liquid in the fluid channel and the nano-reaction chamber is slightly upgraded to effectively ensure the safety of electron microscopy.
    Intelligent software The control panel supports the editing of the runner name and bilingual switching between Chinese and English.
    Man-machine separation remote control.
    It has the function of automatic experimental control and experimental data recording.




  •   Category  Index Test data
    Basic parameters Velocity of flow Controllable flow rate(0 –8uL/min)
    Velocity accuracy 5nL/s



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