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High Vacuum Leak Checking Station

Product Features

The high-resolution digital microscopy system combined with the high vacuum pre-pumping system provides extremely high direct pressure resolution and leak detection sensitivity. Perfect simulation of the electron microscope environment, high detection sensitivity, can quickly check the sample rod and MEMS chip tightness, to ensure the safety of the electron microscope; It can also store the sample rod and keep it in a high vacuum state for a long time to reduce the pre-drawing time of the sample.

  • Product composition
  • Unique Advantages
  • Functional Parameters
  • Application
  • List of standard parts Visual High vacuum in situ leak detection cavity (adaptive) 1
    Vacuum data reading and controller 1
    Leak detector bracket and cabinet 1
    High vacuum generation system 1
    High resolution digital microscopy system 1
    Three-dimensional mobile support 1




  • 类别 项目 参数
    基本参数 Resolution The high-resolution digital microscope system is composed of an autofocus camera, a digital display screen, a high-resolution microscope, and a illuminated coaxial light source. The resolution is better than 1 micron and the frame rate is greater than or equal to 30 frames per second.
    Limiting vacuum 8×10-7 hPa, leak detection vacuum :5.4×10-6 hPa, pressure range :0-1000 hPa.
    Mode of operation The interface module contains a vacuum control valve, which can maintain the vacuum state when the power is off, and quickly take out the sample rod.
    Pressure range 0-1000 hPa.
    Applicable TEM brand FEI、JEOL、Hitachi.
    Size L*W*H=450*550*1250,Counter height 805(unit :mm), subject to the actual.
    Working noise Multi-stage shock absorption design, greatly reduce the vibration and noise during vacuum pumping.



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