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Gravity Series In-Situ Holders(Straining&Single Tilt)

Product Features

The rod body is made of high strength titanium alloy material to avoid the bending deformation of the rod body during long-term use; The sample rod uses Axis design, built-in high precision reduction gear, stretching step better than 100nm, good straightness of motion. The rectangular opening at the tip of the sample rod has a fastening point at each end, one end is a fixed mounting point, and the other end is a movable cross head, which can securely fix the sample in the corresponding position during the tensile and compression process.

  • Product composition
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  • Functional Parameters
  • Application


    a.Gravity Series In-Situ Holders(Straining&Single Tilt)
    b.Nano Motion Control Software
    c.Nano Probe Controller
    d.Accessory Package



    Easy to operate · Single button operation, press the button to start or stop the stretching process.
    High precision control system · Through the built-in high precision reduction gear to achieve high precision displacement control of the sample in the transmission electron microscope.
    Intelligent control Can use the software to realization the tensile and compression mode in remotely. Tensile conditions can be preset.


  • Category Index  Numerical value
    Basic parameters Shaft material High strength titanium alloy 
    Mode of control Software control
    Software function Stretch/compression mode, stretch condition presets
    Tilt max α≥±60° (actual range depends on TEM and pole shoe model)
    Applicable TEM brand Thermo Fisher/FEI, JEOL, Hitachi
    Applicable pole piece types ST, XT, T, BioT, HRP, HTP, CRP
    (HR)TEM/STEM Available
    (HR)EDS/EELS/SAED Available



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