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Gravity Series In-Situ Holders(Biasing&Double Tilt)

Product Features

Gravity Series In-Situ Holders(Biasing&Double Tilt) is used to control the electric field of the sample,combining with EDS,EELS,SAED,HRTEM,STEM and other different modes,The key information such as microstructure evolution,phase transition,elemental valence state,microscopic stress,and surface/interface structure and composition evolution of samples under vacuum environment can be monitored in real time and dynamically at the nano level。

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    a.Gravity Series In-Situ Holders(Biasing&Double Tilt)
    b.Voltage Controller
    c.Voltage Control Software
    d.Double Tilt Controller
    e.Nano Probe Controller
    f.Accessory Package
    g.Probe Preparation System


    Nanoprobe manipulation system ·1. High precision piezoelectric ceramic drive, nanometer level precision digital accurate positioning.
    ·2. Individual nanostructures can be manipulated and electrically measured.
    Excellent electrical properties · 1.Realize compression, tensile, bending and other micromechanical properties testing under 1000℃ heating conditions.
    ·2.Industry-leading nN-class mechanical measurement noise.
    ·3.Continuous load-displacement-time data real-time automatic collection function.
    ·4.With the control function of constant load, constant displacement and cyclic loading, it is suitable for the research of creep characteristics, stress relaxation and fatigue properties of materials.






    Category Index Numerical value
    Basic parameters Shaft material High strength titanium alloy
    Mode of control High precision piezoelectric ceramics
    Applicable TEM brand Thermo Fisher/FEI, JEOL, Hitachi
    Applicable pole piece types ST, XT, T, BioT, HRP, HTP, CRP
    Tilt Max α≥±20°,The Angle depends on the type of pole piece
    (HR)TEM/STEM Available
    (HR)EDS/EELS/SAED Available


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