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Glacier Series Holders(Cryo-Transfer)

Product Features

With the unique innovative design and processing technology, the telescopic copper mesh carrier and liquid nitrogen freezing transmission module are built in the TEM sample rod,which can realize theHRTEM imaging in the cryogenic environment。

  • Product composition
  • Unique Advantages
  • Functional Parameters
  • Application
  • a.Glacier Series Holders(Cryo-Transfer)
    b.Cryo Stage Workstation
    c.Temperature Controller
    d.High Vacuum Storage for Sample Holders
    e.Accessory Package
    The unique structure design can improve the experimental efficiency ·1. The cooling rate is fast, and the time from the sample entering the electron microscope to -145 ℃ is ≤ 40 Min.
    ·2. Stable working time is long, and a single replenishment of liquid nitrogen can last for 4 hours.
    Excellent performance, excellent experience ·1. The tilt angle is as high as ± 75 °, and the observation area is fully covered.
    ·2. The temperature field is stable and uniform, and the sample drift rate is less than 1.5 nm/min.
    ·3. High resolution, achieving the maximum resolution of electron microscopy.



  •   Category  Index Test data
    Basic parameters Shaft material High strength titanium alloy
    Sample size 3mm copper mesh
    Tilt-max α ≥ ±75°
    Resulation Ultimate resolution of electron microscopy


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