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Glacier Series Stages(Electric Refrigeration)

Product Features

It adopts semiconductor refrigeration mode and consists of freezing module, PID temperature control module and cooling cycle module. The sample temperature can be controlled from -50℃ to room temperature.

  • Product composition
  • Unique Advantages
  • Functional Parameters
  • Application
  • a.Glacier Series Stages(Electric Refrigeration)
    b. Cryo Stage Temperature Controller
    c.Accessory Package
    d.Cooling circulation system






    Excellent freezing performance ·1. The cooling speed is fast, and it only takes 10 minutes for the room temperature to -50 ℃.
    ·2. Higher temperature control accuracy and temperature stability, up to ±0.1℃.
    The operation is convenient and the experiment efficiency is high ·1. Touch screen control of cold table temperature controller, setting up and cooling speed, easy to operate.
    ·2. Cold table temperature controller displays both target temperature and real-time temperature.




    Category Index Numerical value
    Basic parameter Shaft material High strength titanium alloy
    Resolution Electron microscope limiting resolution
    Compatible electron microscope ZEISS, Thermo Fisher and other mainstream electron microscopy



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