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Breeze Series In-Situ Stages(Heating)

Product Features

The atmosphere nanolaboratory was constructed in the in-situ sample table by MEMS micromachining technology, and the thermal field control was applied to the sample through MEMS chip. While thermal property measurement was carried out, EDS and other different modes were combined. The key information such as microstructure evolution, reaction kinetics, phase transition, element valence, chemical change, microscopic stress, and surface/interface structure and composition evolution of samples under atmospheric environment can be monitored in real time and dynamically at the nano level.

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    a.Breeze Series In-Situ Stages(Heating)
    b.Eletron Microscope Flange 
    c.in-situ stage storage box
    d.MEM SHeating Gas Cell Chip
    e.Heating Control Software
    f.Thermal Controller
    g.Microfluidic Circulation System (Gas)
    h.High-precision Chip Assembly Instrument
    i.SEM High Vacuum Leak Checking Station
    j.Accessory Package


    Atmospheric environment high resolution · Original MEMS processing technology, the silicon nitride film thickness in the chip window area can reach 20nm, greatly reducing the interference to the electron beam. 
    High security ·1. The patented nanofluidic technology is adopted to carry out differential fluid control through the piezoelectric microcontrol system to achieve nano-upgraded micro-fluid transport with a control accuracy of 5 nL/s. During each gas push process, the amount of redundant gas in the in-situ nanofluidic system and sample station is only slightly upgraded, effectively ensuring the safety of electron microscopy.
    ·2. Using polymer membrane surface contact sealing technology, compared with O-ring sealing, the sealing contact area is increased and the leakage risk is effectively reduced.
    ·3. Using ultra-high temperature coating technology, the silicon nitride film in the chip window area has the advantages of high temperature resistance, low stress, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and radiation resistance.
    Excellent thermal properties ·1. High precision infrared temperature measurement and calibration, micron level high resolution thermal field measurement and calibration, to ensure the accuracy of temperature.
    ·2.Ultra-high frequency temperature control method, excluding the influence of wire and contact resistance, more accurate measurement of temperature and electrical parameters.
    ·3. High stability precious metal heating wire (non-ceramic material) is used, which is both a thermal conductive material and a thermal sensitive material, its resistance has a good linear relationship with temperature, the heating area covers the entire observation area, the heating and cooling speed is fast, the thermal field is stable and uniform, and the temperature fluctuation is ≤±0.1℃ in a stable state.
    ·4. High frequency dynamic control of closed loop and feedback of ambient temperature control mode, high frequency feedback control to eliminate errors, temperature control accuracy of ±0.01 ℃.
    ·5. Unique multi-stage composite heating MEMS chip design, control heat diffusion during heating process, greatly inhibit heat drift during heating process, and ensure efficient observation of the experiment.
    Team advantage ·1. The team leader participated in the development and improvement of the method at the early stage of in situ liquid phase TEM development.
    ·2. Independently designed in-situ chips, mastered the core technology of chips, and owned a number of chip patents.
    ·3. More than 20 members of the team are engaged in in-situ liquid phase TEM research, which can provide in-situ experimental technical support for multiple research directions.




    Category Index Numerical value
    Basic parameters Shaft material High strength titanium alloy
    Film thickness 20nm
    Applicable TEM brand Thermo Fisher/FEI, JEOL,Hitachi


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